Fire Department

The Elizabeth City Fire Department (ECFD) has a long, proud history of providing quality services to the citizens of this community. Since the early 1800’s, our administrative staff and firefighters have built a reputation from innovative and progressive leadership in the fire service.

The mission of the Elizabeth City Fire Department is to provide the highest professional level of life and property safety through the extension of Life Safety Operations, Fire prevention, and Public Education Programs.

The Administration of the Elizabeth City Fire Department consists of the Chief of the Department, Deputy Chief of Operations, Deputy Chief of Administration/Fire Marshal and an Administrative Assistant. The Fire Prevention Bureau consists of an Assistant Fire Marshal and a Public Education Officer/Inspector.

The Elizabeth City Fire Department Operations Division operates out of two stations. The ECFD staffs a Battalion Chief, two Engine Companies and a Ladder Company. We work a 24 hour on-duty, 48 hour off-duty schedule between three shifts. Each shift is staffed with a Battalion Chief, three Captains, three Engineers and six Firefighters.

Our district includes industrial and manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and residential homes. We provide many services to our community including but not limited to: fire suppression, medical first response, child safety seat programs, fire prevention programs, smoke detector installation, fire investigations and pre-incident surveys and inspections.

We at the Elizabeth City Fire Department continue to evaluate our services as we seek to become more effective and efficient in delivering quality fire service to meet the ever changing needs of Elizabeth City and its surrounding community.

Thank you for the privilege of serving this community!